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Results Display

  • The Archives Hub results screen is split into two.
  • Brief records or hits are shown on the left hand side.
  • Search filter options are shown on the right hand side of the screen.
  • Once you have selected a result display option, this will be shown on the right hand side.
  • If the description includes a table of contents, this will display on the left hand side.

Summary record

Select Summary to see a summary version of the record:

  • View the summary display by clicking on 'Summary' or on the title of the record
  • Summary view includes the main descriptive fields (core information, scope and content, administrative history and index terms)
  • Summary excludes lower-level detail, such as series descriptions and item descriptions
  • Summary includes highlighting of your search term

Highlighted search terms

In a summary record your search terms will be highlighted. In a full record search terms are not highlighted due to the fact that full records are often very long and over many pages and it is difficult to apply highlighting within this context.

Full record

Select Full record to see a full version of the record:

  • View the full record by clicking on 'Full record' in the hit list or within the summary view
  • Full record view includes additional information such as reproduction, copyright, publications and custodial history
  • Full record view includes all lower-level information, so some full record descriptions can be very long and detailed
  • Full record view does not include highlighting of your search term


Select Email to send a plain-text version of the full record to an email address that you provide.

Accessing archives

The Archives Hub does not hold any archival material. We simply provide an online catalogue of material held by our contributors. You will need to contact our contributors if you want to access any materials described on the Hub.

All of the finding aids in the Hub include contact details for the relevant repository. To find this contact information, you need click on the link Contact details next to the name of the repository.

e.g. Held at: University of the Arts London. University Archives & Special Collections Centre

You will link to contact information from the National Archives' ARCHON service.

Digital Content

The Archives Hub provides some links to digital content, including:

  • images displayed within the description
  • images linking to full resolution display
  • links to digital content such as text files and PDF files

Please note:

  • only a proportion of descriptions include images or links to digital content
  • a collection described on the Hub may just include one image, to demonstrate the type of holdings within the collection
  • some collections are described item-by-item and you may get a selection of items that include links to digital content
  • you will often get a link to take you to the repository's own site, where you can often see more content

We are continuing to add more and more descriptions that include digital content. This includes both paper-based archives that have been digitised and archives that are born digital.

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