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Reading University: Museum of English Rural Life

The University of Reading's Museum of English Rural Life was founded in 1951.

The Museum of English Rural Life is a national resource centre, based on outstanding collections of archives, books, photographs, and objects accumulated over 50 years and comprising the single largest collection of rural history materials in the country. It has become the repository for major companies and organisations with interests in agriculture and food, land, the rural sector and the wider countryside. There is also a bibliography of theses, books, and articles on British and Irish rural history containing information unavailable on the established online databases. During 2004 the Museum will move to a new site. Building work is nearing completion on the £10.5 million major development, which has been supported by a £5.17 million grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund, by a public appeal, and from the University. This new building will do justice to the collections and provide better facilities for visitors and for associated activities. The new Museum will open fully in 2005.

We plan to make a further 320 collection descriptions available via the Archives Hub, the descriptions will focus on the Museum of English Rural Life 's archives of agricultural business records, societies, farm and cooperative records.

Special feature: Dig for Victory!

Address: Museum of English Rural Life, University of Reading, Whiteknights, PO Box 229, Reading RG6 6AG

Telephone: 01189 378 8660 Fax: : 01189 751 264

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